Welcome to matchadippedbaguette, the food blog created by Anne, Bernice, and Cynthia.  I kid you not, the initials of our first names really begin with the beginning letters of the alphabet.  We started this to have an excuse to go try out new restaurants write about our food adventures and attempt to take pictures that would make your mouth water, be it of hearty bowls of steaming ramen in creamy tonkotsu soup, elegant opera cakes filled with thin layers of espresso butter-cream, or baguette sandwiches topped with fresh slices of turkey and avocado.  We’re not food experts (although Bernice does have a quite distinguished palate), so reviews are not meant to be judged on a professional basis. We do try our best to convey our thoughts on foods we’ve eaten.

Anne has traveled the world sampling street food, run-down cafes, and family-run local diners. From pizzerias in the south of France to night markets of Taiwan, she prefers the down-and-dirty grub your grandma used to make on a Sunday afternoon. She can sit down at a fancy restaurant in Amsterdam and be served a pleasant serving of perfected steak and potatoes but she would be more than happy with the giant portions of chicken and waffles at the local diner in San Francisco. Not a fan of sweets, Anne is all about the savory, the fresh, and the flavor. She loves her a full English breakfast (with a healthy serving of those delicious Heinz baked beans and over medium eggs) or some meaty lasagna with extra cheese. She’ll never say no to some fresh sashimi or a Mexican-style grilled corn on the cob. She doesn’t understand why reblochon (cheese from the Haute-Savoie region in France) is not allowed in the US and nothing is better on a cold, winter day than a cup of hot Earl Grey tea and a perfect sandwich.

Bernice’s  numerous opportunities to travel often allowed her to delve into a myriad of authentic cuisines, which eventually sparked her infatuation for gastronomical indulgences. From hole in the walls to fine dining, anything in between and beyond–anything that involves food will be worth trying. She constantly looks for new places to eat, and rarely sticks to a usual place she finds herself comfortable in– It’s usually about something new and different to try. As a jetsetter, she travels just to eat authentic cuisines, travelling yearly to Hong Kong and Macau, plus various other countries around, such as Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan, with some occasional trips within the States, Canada [Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec], and Europe. She can actually pinpoint where you’re dining based on the food pictures you send her, as her knowledge of both restaurants and food is expansive–domestically and internationally. Why the love of food? People eat to live, but some live to eat. She believes that great food should always be accompanied by amazing company, as spending time with loved ones often involves a meal together, which makes dining experiences more delightful and memorable.

If you give Cynthia desserts, she’ll love you forever.  She’s the one you see at the  pastry shop in Japan or HK who will order 2-3 mini cakes and half a dozen of macaron’s for herself.  Mt. Blanc, fresh fruit tarts, strawberry shortcake, financiers, and creme puffs are among some of her favorites, but she appreciates all sweets, especially aesthetically appealing ones.  After all, you eat with the eye as much as you with the mouth.  She likes to experiment at home with dessert recipes that call for exotic ingredients you can’t find in your local supermarket and require 4-7 different components.  Her (normal) favorite foods include salmon sashimi, Korean BBQ, Thai curry, freshly steamed fish whose flesh just separates from the bone, and her mum’s shiitake&chicken&conpoy mixed rice.


All photos are personally taken and belong to matchadippedbaguette.  Feel free to use the pictures, but please credit and link back.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and liking the food posts on my blog. You have a lovely food blog and I wish I could try some of the items you mentioned =)

  2. Just wanted to say you have really a nice blog! Some of the food you have sampled on your numerous journeys looks amazing.. especially the creme brulee! oh and the coffee’s look exceptional as well.. its impossible to find somthing like that where i live 😀

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