Eggs Benedict & Sandwiches on 4th Street

Combined 1 DSC_1273 Drinks Combined 2Lunch Spread

For a meal I was never concerned about in my student days for as long as I can remember, it’s ironic that I’ve been dreaming about nothing more than savory breakfast foods for the past few weeks. Even reading a simple description of jam and toast had me hankering for breakfast food, no matter what time of the day. So it was only natural that eggs benedict would bring me to Cafe M, an eatery in the small shopping district on 4th street in Berkeley.

My friend and I visited on a weekday, and were able to secure outdoor seating relatively quickly to enjoy the gorgeous, breezy summertime weather that could only be found in Berkeley. While I was enticed by everything on the breakfast menu (the french toast option boasted homemade strawberry jalapeno jam and spiced banana compote while the huevos rancheros called out with braised pork shoulder), I settled on the Eggs Blackstone. Bacon always wins out. My friend ordered the Angry Pig, a slow roasted pork sandwich off the lunch menu.

Eggs Benedict 2Egg Benedict Split

The Eggs Blackstone was utterly rich, salty, and heavy, feeding my inner glutton. Generous slices of fat streaked bacon paired beautifully with the runny egg yolk and grilled sweet tomatoes. I loved that the egg whites were silky soft; not every place can do them right. The hash browns it came with was nothing to write home about though, but a generous squirt of ketchup fixes everything.

DSC_1265 Pulled Pork Sandwich Closeup The Angry Pig sandwich was hearty, filled with incredibly tender and juicy pulled pork and a healthy dose of crisp iceburg and tomatoes. But the component that won my friend over were the tangy pickled jalapeños and spicy aioli that was generously slathered on the bread. While I generally stay away from jalapeño anything, I quite liked the sandwich. It would have been tastier if they toasted, or better yet, grilled the inside of the bread.

Cafe M is a good spot for no-frills flavorful food, but hey, any place that serves breakfast all day knows what they’re doing. So go there. Because there’s no way I’m going to miss out on huevos rancheros or crab cake benedict next time.


Cafe M
1799 4th St
Berkeley, CA 94710


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