Making a birthday cake: Hidemi Sugino’s Exotique

entremet4I love birthdays (or dinner parties and other special occasions) since it gives me an excuse to try out new recipes. I had only attempted one dessert out of Hidemi Sugino’s Le Goût Authentique Retrouvé so far and promising a birthday cake was the only way that pushed me to sit down and go through with the recipe…after all, 4 pages of translated text is quite intimidating. This time I selected Exotique, a concotion of banana mousse, chocolate joconde, mango filling, and joconde. The idea of a banana mousse intrigued me, as I’ve rarely seen a richer type of fruit used as a mousse. It’s always berries, oranges, lemons, passion fruit, mangoes, or other fruit that has some sort of liquid consistency and a tangy element.  I’m glad I chose this one over another raspberry cake I was contemplating, for I’ve never had such a fragrant mousse before. Who knew bananas can taste so good?

Although my cake didn’t turn out the same creamy white color as in the book (the bananas darkened quite fast even if I blended them with lemon juice), it turned out quite delicious. So much so that my parents had tasted all of them before I got to take a proper cross-section picture. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend the book. The instructions are quite long, but they’re fairly foolproof even for people attempting them for the first time.


mix combined cake insert entremet3 birthday2 entremet2



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