Sunset Passion and Seafoam Tea at 7 Leaves

7 Leaves is one of my favorite boba hotspots next to Half & Half Tea House. While they don’t offer as many choices as other places, their drinks are bomb. They use fresh tea leaves to brew their drinks, which is definitely a major plus in my book.


I came right after my trip to Brodards as 7 Leaves is located only half a block away in a smaller plaza. My biggest issue with boba spots is the shop’s tendencies to make the drinks too sweet, and regardless of what is ordered, the drink would lose its original flavor and taste like a syrupy mess.  I ordered the Sunset Passion and the Seafoam Jasmine Green Tea. The drinks came out in a few minutes because there weren’t much people there.


The presentation is nice and simple; seafoam cream layered on top with sprinkled matcha powder.  The tea by itself wasn’t sweet nor was it particularly bold, but it was full of flavor. I’m not too fond of cream at times because it can overpower all the other flavors, but this cream was soft, light, fluffy, and most importantly, not too sweet! I eventually mixed my drink, and the result is a light and refreshing tea, highly recommended for people who enjoy the original taste of tea with just a hint of sweetness. I loved how they substituted cream for milk, which leaves just a trace of silky aftertaste after the fragrance of jasmine ebbs away.  Milk can often overwhelm the original tea and throw off a perfect milk tea when not added in the right proportions. I think this will be my top drink at 7 Leaves, but I look forward to trying their other selections such as Japanese Iced Matcha Tea, Seafoam Coffee, and their popular Mung Bean drink.


Sunset Passion is for all the citrus avid lovers out there. They placed a slice of orange and a dried red plum on top, and its aromatic notes lingered in the aftertaste of the drink. Don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of citrus flavored drinks, for the passion fruit and citrus content was very subtle so it didn’t taste too sour. I couldn’t really taste the tea, but I liked it since it was only mildly sweet.


Tip: Come here after grabbing food from Brodards, since there’s nothing better than having milk tea as a post-meal dessert.  It’s also super close to the Vietnamese restaurant!  7 Leaves is more of a quick pit stop since there were only two tables inside, but the place is nice and clean.  Pictures and descriptions of their drinks posted on the walls were informative and gave us a quick 101, which helped us make our decisions easier.

Until my next 7 Leaves pit stop,


7 Leaves
9786 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844


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