A New Gallery Outlet

Over the years we’ve gathered a lot of food pictures, but to be honest we don’t remember enough to give them a fair description…actually we may not even remember the individual restaurants where we took them at.  We know Pinterest is a popular platform for sharing pictures, and while we’ve created an account there too, it’s time restrictive with its pins.  No matter how much Cynthia has tried, the pins sometimes just won’t display properly.  Therefore…

We’ve created a Tumblr account just to share our pictures!  Cynthia’s an avid fan of the platform, since it’s so versatile and easy to change layouts by directly editing the code.  Below’s a screencap of the website



The first slew of pictures are of Cynthia’s food adventures in Japan both in autumn of 2011 and summer of 2012 respectively, as well as some of the pictures we’ve already included with our reviews.  We hope you enjoy them (and drool over it)!


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