Low Tea at Dartealing

While formal reviews are fun to write, we’ve decided to introduce a new type of post akin to a mini gallery interspersed between our longer pieces.  We’ve sampled a lot of amazing food and documented all our adventures with pictures, but there just isn’t enough time in a day to write detailed posts for each one.  And who doesn’t like pictures of yummy foods?

So here we begin with a small gallery taken at Dartealing Lounge in San Francisco, a beautiful English tea lounge where handsome chairs upholstered in dark paisley and fair florals huddle around small tables, China teacups of all shapes and sizes rest on narrow wooden shelves, and the selection of sandwiches such as Turkey & Pesto Cream and Classic Cucumber & Fresh Herbs will make you wish you had them for lunch every day.  Or dinner.




We had ordered the Afternoon Tea Service, which allowed us to pick five different sandwiches and three pots of tea with a green salad and seasonal assortment of pastries.

Our Sandwiches:  Fish & Chips, Classic Cucumber & Fresh Herbs, Turkey & Pesto Cream, Darjeeling Curried Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers & Hummus Mediterranean
Teas: Parisian Earl Grey, Cherry Moon, Her Majesty’s Secret Service





They had a tiny filter for the tea leaves for each pot of tea.



The cucumber sandwiches were creamy and fresh, so much so that A. couldn’t stop eating it!



Scones with rich berry preserves and sweet lemon curd.


Thoughts:  Most of the sandwiches were spectacular, especially the Fish n’ Chips that the waitress recommended but which we had initial doubts about.  The batter was light and crunchy, and the fish generous.  The Curried Chicken didn’t really have much chicken in it, but rather an abundance of raisins.  We thought that it would be more aptly named Curried Sauce Raisins.  The double Devon cream which they served with the scones was the highlight of the entire tea experience, and C. found herself wishing she had asked for seconds after eating the entire container with a spoon (sans scone).  We thought the service was adequate, though it would have probably been nicer if we hadn’t rushed in just before the last seating time.  (One of the waitresses had abruptly turned off the relaxing background music as we neared the end of the meal.)  Overall, we recommend coming here if you’ve never experienced low tea or high tea.

Dartealing Lounge
470 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107


3 thoughts on “Low Tea at Dartealing

  1. that looked so wonderfull u guys are so lucky, well if i ever get to san fran i know now were to go for a good cuppa ,thank you

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