Two days before the dinner party, I had about seven dessert books scattered across the desk and 30 tabs open on my computer, wondering what I should make for my guests. An infinitely complex entremet from Hidemi Sugino? Too time consuming, especially since I wanted to make at least four different things. Fruit verrines, boring. Pistachio buttercream […]

Meringue 1

There’s nothing better than watching a show about desserts and seeing how the pastry chefs meticulously build layers of cake alternating between raspberry mousse and sweet joconde, pipe buttercream in between delicate macaron shells, and dust vibrant colors on coffee creme filled chocolate bonbons…except I usually get so hungry by the end I’ll grab some […]

tart final

Despite being dead tired from work and commute on Christmas Eve, I was still determined to make some simple desserts for our family gathering this year. And naturally, this included my all time favorite treat, Mt. Blanc. I usually use candied chestnuts as part of the filling (and when I’m not feeling lazy, a small […]


It’s been way too long since I’ve had lunch in a cafeteria-like setting. Too many bad memories of crusty baked chicken and limp canned corn on Styrofoam trays that I pick at meagerly during lunchtime in school, wishing I had brought some extra money for a toasty burrito sitting under the heat lamp. However, that […]


No matter which pastry shop I’m in, and no matter how many complex and beautiful entremets sit behind the glass cases, the colorful fruit tart has always managed to call out to me. Simple? Yes. But its taste is second to none, and you’ll always find one sitting in my order of 5-6 cakes when […]


I love how creative Japanese pastry chefs are.  Although the traditional French Mt. Blanc is made from chestnuts, the pastry chefs from my favorite country have taken it into their own hands and spun out something entirely original, including pumpkin and purple sweet potato versions. Which suits me just fine, since I can get pumpkin […]


Every country has their street food culture. Students crowding around food trucks at Off the Grid in California for some tacos and crème brûlée. A busy commuter rushing through the streets of New York City with a hot dog in one hand and loose papers in another. Across the ocean, Chinese students walk home with […]


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